Global Peace and Democracy Center aims to promote scholarly work  and field research on the consolidation of democracy, human rights and peace-building practices. Our mission here at the Center is to follow up with political conflicts and human rights violations in the MENA region. In light of these events, we aim to provide a window into analyzing grassroots movements and organizations, their discourse and political approach within the socio-economic and political context of their environment. The Center will have a current events news feed on various developments in MENA region alongside a reference list of academic works pertaining to the area. The issues surrounding these works will include a widespread of issues ranging from human rights to the role of women and youth in conflict driven fragile democracies. The research at the Center will focus on issues of women’s political and economic rights, leadership in socio-economic/ political sphere, citizenship, and women’s active role in participatory democracy. In the broader spectrum, our team aims to put women in the forefront of peace-processes in areas of political crosscurrents. In order to achieve women’s leadership and contribution to policy-making procedures in areas of conflict, the Center will organize various workshops geared towards women.

Through conferences, workshops, lectures and other events, our Center aims to create an interactive dialogue between scholars and students where academic collaboration can be made towards peace and democracy-building projects in the Middle East and North Africa region.

For the year 2014 the Center has targeted woman and youth and will support research and education activities that would serve to develop peace-making skills and cultivate human rights awareness among the targeted groups.

Research and Activity agenda for the year 2014

• To monitor, record and analyze human rights violations in the Middle East

• To monitor and publicize the activities of micro local movements that promote democracy and human rights in the Middle East region and to raise awareness among the general public about these groups and personalities

• To attract and focus the attention of national and international public to the human rights issues by periodic press and report releases

• To inform the national and international public about the activities of human right promoters in the Middle East and all over the globe